How to play Terra Aventura?

Terra Aventura is an entertaining activity which blends outdoor strolling with a discovery of the region’s rich heritage and nature. A mix of fun-filled sport and culture to delight young and old alike, who head off for an extraordinary adventure!

The trails take you on a journey to unearth hidden treasures. To reach the cache, your trail is dotted with riddles to be solved, often full of surprises and humour.
Terr’aventurers’ goal is to find the cache hidden along each trail. It consists of a transparent bottle camouflaged by nature containing: a logbook, a guestbook where players can leave a message, and also Poï'z…

Terra Aventura Comment jouer

1 - Download the app.
From Google Play or AppStore (except on Windows phone)
2 – Choose your trail.
Select it based on its theme, its duration, its difficulty or proximity. Download the quest data and go hunt for the treasure.
3 - Set off on your adventure!
Click "Start". A few easy steps is all it takes to view your position on the map and move on from step to step. It's ever-so easy to enter the answers to the riddles, then watch as the cache GPS coordinates come up on the screen! Now, just follow the guide...
Oops, no smartphone?
No problem... you can print itinerary roadmaps at home or in any Tourist Office. To do this, hit the tab: quests. You will also need a GPS.