10 must-not-miss exhibitions to kick off 2020 in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Check out our selection of must-not-miss exhibitions running until next spring.

A few of them are also extending their run as a result of their great success. A highly-eclectic journey through a myriad of genres ranging from Renaissance to contemporary art and a wonderfully-international slant.
So, if ever you fancy a break… a cultural one… don’t miss out on these shows to refresh your mind and get the year off to a brilliant start!


“Goya, Avant-garde genius, the master and his school”, a totally-innovative exhibition on the study of Francisco Goya’s work at Agen Museum of Fine Arts until 10 February 2020

This exhibition is a major event for the Agen Museum of Fine Arts. Over 90 works will be showcased for the public at the Church of the Jacobins, lent by museums from around the world: USA? Switzerland, Spain, England, Hungary…



Lewis Trondheim weaves a web of tales at the Comics Museum at the Cité internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image from 29 January to 10 May 2020

Lewis Trondheim, author of one of the most extensive graphic-novel works of current times, has produced some 180 albums as scriptwriter or fully-fledged author-illustrator. He is the creator of Lapinot (translated into English as “The Spiffy Adventures of McConey”), Ralph Azham, Le Roi Catastrophe, Maggy Garrisson and a host of others. The exhibition in Angoulême features 150 originals (storyboards, illustrations, notebooks).


Scéances de dédicaces au festival de la BD d'Angoulême


Humans exhibition at the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute until 16 February 2020

Contrasting perspectives from leading current-day Chinese contemporary artists focusing on the common theme of showcasing the body and the individual as Chinese society evolves. Awesome!


Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez

Narcisse ou la floraison des mondes (Narcissus or the flowering of worlds) at the MÉCA until 21 March 2020

The MÉCA (Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s Creative and cultural economy centre), inaugurated in 2019, is an amazing unusual building designed by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, whose impressive arch created by the architectural firm BIG, is the key architectural landmark of Bordeaux’s Euratlantique district, the counterpart of the Cité du Vin in the Bassins à Flot district. The Narcissus or the flowering of worlds exhibition invites the public until spring 2020 to discover the role of flowers in art and society. It centre stages over 100 works including installations, videos, illustrations, paintings, sculptures and photos from artists like Suzanne Husky, Yto Barrada as well as Lois Weinberger.

Narcisse ou la floraison des mondes

Robots at Cap Sciences until 3 May 2020

Cap Sciences is the must-not-miss spot in Bordeaux for anyone who’s curious to discover, learn… A major exhibition about robots (humanoids, industrial and domestic), invites you in and whisks you off on a journey to the Stone Age and on to the age of artificial intelligence. You have until springtime to come along and explore this new revolution and find out everything about these machines and the role they will play in our lives.

The Musée Mer Marine (Sea and Navy Museum) hosts Da Vinci, the inventions of a genius until 8 March 2020.

The Musée Mer Marine (Sea and Navy Museum), new figurehead in the Bassins à Flot district, is devoted to history, science and culture relating to the maritime world.
To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, one of the world’s largest da Vinci-dedicated exhibition stops off at the Musée Mer Marine (Sea and Navy Museum).
Over 120 models, created using Leonardo de Vinci’s original codex, are showcased along the tour where you can discover his works focusing on water.


Living Forms, a dialogue between arts and sciences, at the Adrien Dubouché National Museum until 10 February 2020

From Bernard Palissy’s “rusticware” to 3D-printed biomedical ceramics, this exhibition highlights a link between ceramics and the living world, a theme showcased through works from heritage collections and creations from the Renaissance through to the present day.

Exposition Musée Adrien Dubouché

Céramiques Gourmandes at the Bernardaud Foundation until 28 March 2020

When art becomes a gourmet delight, when it invents delicacies, desserts, ornamental layered cakes and scenes from banquets, when it invites us to delve into our dishes, when it questions our relationship with food, well, this all leads to Céramiques gourmands, an exhibition concocted by the Bernardaud Corporate Foundation, hand-in-hand with fourteen international artists who adore ceramics: la crème de la crème!


Bernardaud - Shayna Leib - Banana split


Madame de Maintenon, dans les allées du pouvoirs (Madame de Maintenon, in the corridors of power) at the Bernard d’Agesci Museum until 15 March 2020

To celebrate the three-hundredth anniversary of Madame de Maintenon’s death (1635-1719), the Bernard d’Agesci Museum in Niort and the Château de Versailles present an exhibition dedicated to the incredible life of this woman, who was born in the Conciergerie of Niort prison and who became the wife of the world’s most powerful king, Louis XIV, the “Sun King”.


17-Racine lisant Athalie, Julie Philipault

La Rochelle

Easter Island, the centre of the world at the Natural History Museum until 6 September 2020.

The Museum invites the public to discover mysterious Easter Island, an incomparable, mesmerizing place located some 13,500 km from La Rochelle. To find out everything about the Rapa Nui and these gigantic stone moai. This exhibition has been granted the “Exhibition of national interest” label by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication.



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from December 19 2019 to March 15 2020


1hour 40 minutes from Paris and 35 minutes from Bordeaux by train, the historical town of Angoulême is these days...

We’d like to share our 4 favourite spots in Agen with you, at the very heart of the South-West! Use them for...