The Hermione and Accro-Masts, a totally unique experience

In Rochefort, discover the Hermione, biggest replica of a traditional ship ever built in France. And just next to it an acrobatic obstacle trail in the masts... hold on tight!
The Hermione and Accro-Masts, a totally unique experience

A large, three-masted ship over 66 metres long, flagship of the French naval fleet in the 18th century. A frigate of Lafayette, who contributed greatly to the independence of the United States.

After a construction site that lasted over 17 years, the Hermione replica made its first trip to the USA in the summer of 2015.

In early 2018, the Hermione, symbol of liberty, joined the Mediterranean on an impressive journey flying the colours of French-speaking countries. 350 young sailors, deckhands, were trained in Rochefort and mounted aboard in La Rochelle en route for Tangiers, then Barcelona to Toulon via Bastia and finally the Basque Country to Bordeaux.

Back in its home port of Rochefort since June 2018, the frigate can be visited all summer and beyond. Come aboard for a moving experience!

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The Hermione and Accro-Masts, a totally unique experience

Marine accro-branching, right next to the Hermione!

The Rochefort Arsenal has seen the construction of The Hermione along with many other ships and boats. All these sails, masts and ropes...what a playground! Why not make it into an adventure park with a difference?

That's how 'accro-masts' was born, on a replica of a tall ship but with all the necessary security measures for contemporary leisure.

From the age of 6, apprentice deckhands or 'gabiers' (those in charge of changing the sails) can get a taste for strong thrills, from masts to zip cables. Older 'kids' can climb the 30 metres to the top of the main mast, with the extra bonus of a view over the town, the marshlands and the Hermione, moored in the neighbouring dock.

The Accro-masts experience is included in the price of the Hermione visit.

For more information visit the Rochefort Tourist Office website



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