Port Île de Ré en soirée

Île de Ré: what to do, what to see…

What should you definitely see, do and eat when you visit the Île de Ré? From the Saint-Martin citadel ramparts to the Port de la Flotte harbour, from the Le Bois Plage market to the Loix marshes, and from basket of oysters to Pineau des Charentes, this very incomplete list is just beginning of wonderful journey of discovery.
Île de Ré: what to do, what to see…

What to see

● The Saint Martin fortifications
● The La Flotte covered market
● The Abbaye des Châteliers
● The Phare des Baleines lighthouse
● The Ars en Ré bell tower
● The Saint Martin bell tower vantage point
● The Fort de la Prée
● The salt marshes
● Saint Martin Harbour

What to do

● Visit the Maison du Fier natural heritage museum and immerse yourself in untamed nature as you walk the interpretation trails of the Lilleau des Niges Nature Reserve
● Hit the shops on the quayside in Saint Martin
● Do your shopping beneath the arches of the La Flotte small covered market
● Be lord of all you survey from the vantage point of the the Saint Martin bell tower
● Scale the heights of the Phare des Baleines lighthouse
● Take your first steps in shoreline fishing at Le Martray
● Walk barefoot on the Gollandières beach at Bois-Plage
● Picnic at La Conche
● Stroke the donkeys in striped pyjamas
● Enjoy an early morning coffee on the Port de la Flotte harbourside
● Indulge your wellbeing at the spa
● Lose yourself in the salt marshes
● Admire the play of light on the green-shuttered cottage walls, and watch the hollyhocks wave in the wind
● Dine in an oyster hut
● Take a leisurely cycle ride as evening falls, and breathe in the smells of the sea, the pines and the dunes
● Watch the sunset over the foreshore at Sainte Marie

Île de Ré: what to do, what to see…

What to eat & drink

● Ice creams from La Martinière
● Île de Ré beer
● Rosé des Dunes wine
● Ilrhéa Pineau
● Cognac
● Salt
● Oysters
● Chocolates
● Rattes potatoes (PDO)
● Lefort goat’s milk cheese
● An éclade of mussels
● Charente chowder

What to bring back

● A pot of hollyhock jam
● Île de Ré beers
● Ilrhéa Pineau
● Cognac
● Sel fou (Fool’s salt) - a seasoning salt
● A bowl personalised with a donkey in pyjamas
● A jar of samphire
● A pack of Île de Ré biscuits from La Biscuiterie de Ré in Sainte Marie
● A work by a local artist

Île de Ré 

Île de Ré


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