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10 charming golf courses in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

This is our top 10 Nouvelle-Aquitaine golf courses. The region offers you the green carpet on amazing routes, magnificently integrated into the landscape. Go swing on our greens!
10 charming golf courses in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
10 charming golf courses in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Pau golf course: British charm against the backdrop of the Pyrenees

The oldest golf course in the world outside the British Isles. Dating from the 1880s, its Victorian-style clubhouse is a veritable museum dominated by the English game... of course!

The Médoc golf course: the charm of a resort set in pine woods between the ocean and Bordeaux

The Médoc golf course is rated as the Best Course in France by the World Golf Awards. It is also a member of the super-exclusive inner circle of Europe’s Top 10 Golf Resorts.

The Grand St-Emilionnais golf course: the charm of hundred-year-old oak trees and exceptional vines

This 5-star golf course is the work of one of the world’s best designers: Tom Doak of the USA. This outstanding course is laid out in a valley bordered by hundred-year-old oak trees and surrounded by UNESCO world heritage vineyards just 10 km from the mediaeval village of Saint-Emilion.

The Porcelaine golf course: the natural charm of the Limousin

Laid out on the hilly landscape of the Vienne valley, 10 minutes from Limoges, the Porcelaine golf course occupies 75 hectares of undulating slopes, some of which can be very steep.

10 charming golf courses in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Vigiers golf course: the romantic charm of the Périgord!

The Vigiers golf course in the Dordogne boasts three international standard 9-hole courses set in a unique environment that includes a 4-star hotel with two restaurants, one of which is Michelin starred.

The Cognac golf course: the charm of the vineyard that produces the nectar of the gods

Set among the vines on a hillside overlooking the River Charente, the Cognac golf course is a wonderfully natural paradise.

The Coiroux golf course: charm personified

The only 27-hole course in eastern Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Coiroux golf course welcomes players to a 165-hectare estate near Aubazine (in Corrèze), with its Cistercian Abbey that was once the inspiration for one of its most illustrious residents: Coco Chanel.

The Royan golf course: the charm of the interplay of light between pines and dunes

Considered as one of the 10 most beautiful golf courses in south-western France, the Royan golf course on the Atlantic coast is laid out among pine woods and natural dunes surrounded by the Forêt de la Coubre.

10 charming golf courses in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Biarritz golf course: Basque charm

Imported here by English gentlemen of leisure in the 1880s, the Biarritz ‘Le Phare’ golf course offers a unique playing experience within metres of the beaches of the Atlantic coast.

The La Roche-Posay golf course: the charm of sport and wellbeing

Spend a self-indulgent weekend by combining golf and spa treatments at the Connétable golf course at the gateway to the Poitou spa town of La Roche-Posay.

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