Discover Nouvelle-Aquitaine's greatest-ever treasure hunt!

Take a stroll and explore the secret gems of Nouvelle-Aquitaine ! You’re going to love playing Terra Aventura !

Over 600 fun and unusual treasure hunt-style quests are available all over the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Step by fun step, these itineraries will lead you to discover our region’s best kept sites !

Terra Aventura is 100% free and available 365 days a year, on your smartphone or GPS.
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You will be escorted by tiny creatures called “Poïz”, every step of the way. You’ll soon discover these Terra Aventura mascots have a mind of their own ! They will lead you to a treasure hidden at the end of each quest. Each « cache » is a hidden transparent bottle containing : a logbook, where terr’adventurers can leave a note and get “the mystery word”, as well as collectible Poïz badges!