Who are we? 

The Regional Tourism Board is a non-profit organisation uniting the region’s key tourism industry stakeholders. Its stated aim is to promote the destinations and industries of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The purpose of this website is to encourage everyone to visit and discover the region, and provide them with the practical information they need to do so: how do you get to Nouvelle-Aquitaine? Where to go? What to do? Which are its most unmissable events? The Regional Tourism Board has created Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Tourisme.com to share the rich diversity of everything we have to offer, and provide a platform for those who know it well, love it, and make it such a dynamic region. Many destinations and opportunities searchable by personal preference.


The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board, committed to sustainable tourism

The Regional Tourism and Leisure Development Plan (2018) has set out the Nouvelle- Aquitaine region’s ambition of becoming the leading sustainable tourism destination. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board (CRT NA) is striving to achieve this goal by placing the values and principles of sustainable tourism at the heart of its internal administration and partnerships: through strategic support for regional tourism protagonists in terms of sustainability, tourism observation that progressively includes environmental and social indicators, promoting committed protagonists, enhancing their "best practice", etc…

In 2020, the CRT NA also undertook in-depth work on its social responsibility, using the "Committed to CSR" label, supported by the AFNOR Group.

For further information about the CRT NA's commitment to sustainable tourism: "Putting sustainability at the heart of our action programme" (French version)

To find out more about the labels used to identify the sustainable tourism offer in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (French version)

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For full information, partners, members, tour operators and journalists should visit: www.crt-nouvelle-aquitaine.com