City pass Limoges

The Limoges City Pass is a Tourism, Culture and Leisure PASS in Limoges to make your stay in Limoges easier and cheaper, with :

  • Free access to numerous cultural and leisure sites that are not to be missed
  • Unlimited on the day, take advantage of the bus network and the famous trolleys of the City. And why not try out the V'LIM electric-assisted bike rental?
  • But there are also bonus partners who offer discounts in shops, on show tickets, etc.

Limoges City Pass


Discover this surprising city and its passion for fire arts expressed creatively through porcelain and enamel.

Porcelain? We know all about it! It’s what makes Limoges live and breathe, and it gets around! An ancient tradition...

Although the emblem of Limoges is porcelain, the capital of firing art is also a « Town of Art and History » that...