Nouvelle-Aquitaine, new sensation

Welcome to Nouvelle-Aquitaine!
Head off for a trek through Painters' Valley, indulge in oysters on Port de La Côtinière, surf the waves on the Basque Coast...
Jump on a train and just en-joy.

Discover our flagship destinations in the four corners of the region. Strong, varied, lively identities that invite you to savour the art of living in the south-west in a preserved natural setting.

750 km of coastline, five Regional Nature Parks, a National Park and two Marine Nature Parks... not to mention protected areas and nature reserves, stimulate all your senses in Nouvelle-Aquitaine! Whether you delight in a stroll along Marais Poitevin canals or spend a night under the stars in a refuge in the Pyrénées, the great outdoors forever offers something new to feel, to see, to touch, to taste and to hear.

Leave your car in the garage! Let's journey by train! Some 34 lines criss-cross Nouvelle-Aquitaine and encourage this low-carbon travel mode. In short, La Rochelle's 90 minutes from Poitiers and 2h30 from Bordeaux; Brive's 71 minutes from Limoges and 52 from Périgueux; Limoges is 2 hours from Poitiers; Pau's 1h15 from Bayonne and 2h08 from Bordeaux... Perfect for discovering the region's towns and many visitor sites.

We can't wait to enjoy the Rugby World Cup in the homeland of the oval ball! Until kick-off on 8 September, you can zoom down ski slopes, tackle Atlantic waves and pedal off with the wind in your hair along bikeways...

Whether you love good food, are a fan of old stones or totally addicted to sports activities, Nouvelle-Aquitaine invites you to enjoy endless experiences. Discover our selection. But, there's much more to come!