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5 ideas for getting out and about... off the beaten track

Here are some original ideas for everyone from 7 to 77! Discover some unexpected places or rediscover them from a new angle. Unusual journeys, some back in time. Walk down paths that have been trodden for thousands of years... decisions, decisions!
5 ideas for getting out and about... off the beaten track

The Perigord Bamboo Park, at Le Buisson-de-Cadouin

Between Bergerac and Sarlat, in a tropical ambiance, slip between the dwarf bamboos, rustic American bamboos or thick clumps of Asian bamboos. These gigantic plants make you feel so small it's like finding yourself in Gulliver's Travels. For a meditation break, take a walk to the Zen stone garden. A calm and secret space, open all year round, where you can wander quietly.

5 ideas for getting out and about... off the beaten track

Proumeyssac Chasm, a crystal cathedral

30 minutes from Sarlat, the Proumeyssac Chasm truly deserves its nickname of crystal cathedral: a vast vault 40 metres high and ornated with spectacular natural concretions, petrifying fountains of shimmering calcite... And when you think that all this was created drop by drop it's simply jaw-dropping. For an even more memorable experience, go down in a basket rather than by tunnel!

Open all year round except January.

5 ideas for getting out and about... off the beaten track

Lascaux II by torchlight

Like a pioneer, get close up to the Lascaux II Cave and follow the guide as he leads you to the two best-known galleries: the Hall of the Bulls and the Axial Gallery, identical and impressively precise reproductions of the originals. A wonderful journey 15 000 years back in time.

Visits from early April to late November
Lascaux II is the first replica of the cave, opened in 1983.
It is now restricted to in-depth visits.

5 ideas for getting out and about... off the beaten track

Aubazine, inspiration to Coco Chanel

Aubazine, between Brive and Tulle, lives at the pace of its Medieval Abbey, one of the oldest monastic complexes in France. It is from the abbey's orphanage that the young Gabrielle Chanel drew some of her inspiration. Look at the interlacing motifs on the stained-glass windows and you'll understand where the 2 interlaced C's of the famous fashion house came from ;)

Continue your visit along the monks canal (a 4km walk). On the way you'll come across an adorable Byzantine chapel.

5 ideas for getting out and about... off the beaten track

Donkey Rides in Southwestern Correze

Cinnamon, Vitamin, Junio and Storm, the donkeys of Ligneyrac love walking and will happily carry you along the paths to the beautiful towns of Collonges-La-Rouge and Turenne. Cheeky, smart and sometimes stubborn, they're experts at getting cuddles and treats. Fun and laughter guaranteed!
11 secured and waymarked circuits that will lead you through the quaint nearby villages and surrounding countryside.

Donkey Rides
Vézère Valley Greeters

For a personalised trip that goes further than a classic circuit, contact the Vézère Valley greeters! One of the enthusiastic locals will be only too happy to share his anecdotes and secret places.


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