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Our 3 favourites in the fascinating prehistoric world of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

Early man certainly left some impressive traces behind in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The most beautiful palaeolithic remains in France can be found along the Vézère Valley in the Périgord, also called "The Valley of Mankind" and listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Our 3 favourites in the fascinating prehistoric world of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

The most impressive

Lascaux IV, International Centre for Cave Arts

Next time you're out looking for your dog, beware! In 1940, as four boys looked for theirs they fell into a crevasse and found themselves in an underground cave covered with animal paintings. A magical moment... in fact, they had just stumbled across a hidden treasure trove, "the sixtine chapel of the prehistoric age".

Today the International Centre for Cave Art has built an identical replica, reproducing every single drawing and painting. Right from the start you'll be drawn into the amazing "underground" atmosphere (temperature, moisture levels, lighting, sounds...) as you plunge into another world where you'll be transfixed by the awe-inspiring artworks. The adventure continues as you set off through the 8,500 m² of museum space on an exciting exploration of Lascaux and Prehistory. Enjoy the scenographic displays as you go along.

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Our 3 favourites in the fascinating prehistoric world of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

The most surprising

Another lesser-known site is well worth a visit: La-Roque-Saint-Christophe.

As you look up at the extraordinary cliff dwellings perched along the Vézère you'll be looking at the largest troglodytic site in Europe. At the site you'll discover the life of Neanderthal Man but also that of the Cro Magnon, then the community and its traditions from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

A useful booklet handed out at the entrance will point you in the right directions, and guided tours littered with juicy details and anecdotes are also an option. Extensive remains found on the site (flint stones, tools, pottery...) will help you to imagine what life was like for these men.

You'll also get a chance to handle some impressive machines such as a winch barrel and a squirrel cage. But we'll say no more. Come quick to discover these hidden treasures for real!

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Our 3 favourites in the fascinating prehistoric world of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

The most exceptional

The Museum of Neanderthal Man at la Chapelle aux Saints

Near Brive, The Museum of Neanderthal Man (Le Musée de l’Homme de Néandertal) invites you to walk in the footsteps of our distant ancestors (– 45 000 B.C).

The skeleton discovered in 1908, in a nearby cave, is an historical and archaeological reference known to palaeontologists the world over.

The highly instructive little museum will give you a visit full of surprises and surprising facts. Two skeletons, one Neanderthal and the other Homo Sapiens will help you to discover the fascinating anatomical differences between the two.

Last but not least, some fascinating family activities for kids and adults alike: learning how to draw using ochre and charcoal, make a fire or the basics on spear-thrower hunting.

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Our 3 favourites in the fascinating prehistoric world of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

Two outstanding sites to visit Eyzies, in the Vézère Valley

The National Prehistory Museum

Located in the old château of Tayac, the museum houses some exceptional collections that enable you to retrace 400 billion years of human presence on earth.

You'll set off on the oldest traces left by man: stone tools, artefacts, and reconstructed lifesize models of prehistoric man and extinct animals.

Over 18,000 items are exhibited with an entirely new museography. With your kids, discover the world of Neanderthal Man, or why not join in a drawing class.

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The International Prehistory Centre

Exhibition « Empreintes instantanées de vie » (Snapshots of Life in Fingerprints) until 12th May 2019

Dedicated to Ichnology, the science of fingerprints, this exhibition displays a selection of geological, palaeontological and human imprint casts as well as a treasure hunt for youngsters.




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