Tèrra Aventura Geocaching made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

When you’re on holidays, keeping your children busy and happy without overspending isn’t always simple! So when my wife and I heard of the Terra Aventura treasure hunt in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, we were delighted!
Tèrra Aventura Geocaching made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

We had never tried geocaching and I was a bit weary at the idea of dealing with GPS coordinates… Luckily enough, we found out that there is a free smartphone application (available in English)

Once I had downloaded the app on my phone, we were ready to go! There are over 300 caches in the entire Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and I was quite happy to see there were several right by our holiday residence!

Tèrra Aventura Geocaching made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Obviously, my children were ecstatic at being allowed to manage my Smartphone, and the forest quest we selected was perfect for the hot weather on this particular day! Step by step, the app guided us to each different point of interest and riddle. Each of our answers brought us closer to the treasure! My family and I had come to the area several times in the past few years but never suspected there were such gorgeous back roads! The region’s heritage is incredibly rich and quite fascinating !

Last riddle… and the GPS coordinates turn to green! Yay! We answered each riddle correctly! Suddenly, the treasure’s location appears on the map! Everyone has great fun searching for the Terra Aventura container and suddenly… « Over here! I found it ! »

In the container, there are collectible badges called « Poï’z » (Points Of Interest). We each take one and proudly pin it on our t-shirts ! « When can we do another cache, Mum ? »… Victory ! An outdoor activity that costs absolutely nothing, and that the entire family enjoys !

Download the app with Google Play or App Store.




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