Sleep in a Rabbit at DefiPlanet

It's the last week of the Easter holidays, and I've decided to give my grandchildren (aged 4 and 8) and their parents, a surprise. Rendez-vous in Dienné (30 minutes south of Poitiers) at DéfiPlanet for a night out of the ordinary.
Sleep in a Rabbit at DefiPlanet

Big and small, they all gasped with amazement when they discovered the giant rabbit and her carrot, with two live rabbits inside. A quick tour around our “Rabbit” house confirmed the shared sense of wonder.

The house is very comfy: two bedrooms upstairs, one with a double-bed, one with a big bed, a large bathroom, a living-dining area with a sleeping nook, a kitchen with dishwasher.

The light wood walls and furniture are covered in rabbit paintings. The kitchen cupboard is a giant apple...we go from one surprise to another.

We decide to take lunch outdoors, to the kids delight. Having watched the rabbits nestle into their giant carrot, and gobbled down lunch, they head off to the games area then on to the pool. Needless to say, the whole family had a good night's sleep.

Sleep in a Rabbit at DefiPlanet

The next morning we woke up to find the basket of fresh bread and croissants waiting by the front door, just ready for a yummy breakfast. Feeling refreshed, we set off on a three-hour visit through the Animal Park inhabited with elves, monkey bridges over the treetops and even camels. A playful and educational way to discover the environment while having fun.

Tomorrow, our "Rabbit" holiday continues at Futuroscope where we're going to see the Raving Rabbids!

For a vacation, long-weekend or as a stop off on your next holiday journey, you're sure to find unexpected accommodation (Hen, Mushroom, Leprechaun Hut, Tree Castle...) and great services at DéfiPlanet: a small store selling local produce, restaurants, games for the kids, heated indoor swimming pool, etc. everything's been thought through so that as a family, between friends, as a group or for a workshop, you'll have a relaxing and enjoyable time. There's even a nursery for your pets!


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