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The Regional Tourism Board is a non-profit organisation uniting the region’s key tourism industry stakeholders. Its stated aim is to promote the destinations and industries of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The purpose of this website is to encourage everyone to visit and discover the region, and provide them with the practical information they need to do so: how do you get to Nouvelle-Aquitaine? Where to go? What to do? Which are its most unmissable events? The Regional Tourism Board has created Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Tourisme.com to share the rich diversity of everything we have to offer, and provide a platform for those who know it well, love it, and make it such a dynamic region. Many destinations and opportunities searchable by personal preference.

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Are you part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine tourism industry, and would you like to suggest ideas for future articles, photos or videos? Then please send your suggestions to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Tourisme.com editorial team at: laredaction@na-tourisme.com

For full information, partners, members, tour operators and journalists should visit: www.crt-nouvelle-aquitaine.com