Tèrra Aventura, continuons de jouer ensemble

Tèrra Aventura ? What is it ?!

Tèrra Aventura is a family treasure hunt that takes place in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. More than 400 unusual and fun routes allow you to discover the heritage gems of the largest French region. Guided by Poï'z, the emblematic creatures of the game, players of all ages, must answer the riddles found during their adventure to find the treasure hidden at the end of each quest.

How to play Tèrra Aventura

Until we can get off the beaten track again, it is essential to respect your government's measures to stop the virus.

If you don't come to Tèrra Aventura, Tèrra Aventura will come to you...
Confirmed or novice Tèrr'adventurers immerse yourself and your family into the universe of this game, which has already attracted over 3 million players without having to leave your couch.

Games: colouring, puzzles, crosswords...get to know the Poiz and find lots of ideas to keep players of all ages busy...

For French speakers: the virtual Geoquizzes will take you on a Tèrra Aventura-like journey on the trail of a treasure well hidden in La Rochelle...

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